Sunday, January 27, 2008

"I Know That Sounds Irresponsible"

I think of James Cramer just as "the scary guy," because when I see him on television I'm always afraid a chair is going to come crashing at me through the screen.

Fortunately, there's a YouTube Cramer-clips collage available now that gives you the gist of Cramer's performance in the last year or so without the fear factor.

The highlight is a clip from October 2007, in which Cramer notes that stock market prices were then at record levels, that prices were way above the valuation of the underlying assets, but that the bull market would continue anyway.

It seems that somebody named Don Harrold put this together, but I saw it on Seeking Alpha, and I'll link you there.

Click Here.

The clip begins with a challenge to Jim from Rick Santelli. Jim responds by saying that he's been correctly "bearish" all along, and that Rick clearly hasn't been watching his show. But the clips proving otherwise, interspliced with Maria Bartiromo's lovely laugh, follow immediately.

The "I know that sounds irresponsible" comment comes less than two minutes in.

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