Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rectifier Update

International Rectifier has set the date for its annual meeting.

I last wrote about IRF in September. Since that time, the price of the stock has dropped steadily, from the neighborhood of $20 to that of $12.

Yes, everybody else has been dropping during that priod, too, but not as severely. If we round out the period in which we're interested to an even three months, the math is easier (or, tobe frank, the Nasdaq site will do the work for me).

IRF has lost 44.9% of its value over three months. The Nasdaq 100 has lost 31.4% of its value. The DJIA has suffered comparatively little, -22.5%.

Anyway, the IRF has set the date: January 9, in Los Angeles, California.

I had thought, in September, that there would be a challenge slate. But it now appears that the challenge didn't materialize, that the two members of the board up for re-election are running unopposed.

On the other hand (the "good news" for fans of conflict), it does appear that the meeting will consider a proposal to de-classify the board.

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