Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The mellow lifestyle of extreme stores?

Adrenalina wants to hook up with Pacific Sunwear.

They're both in the retail business. Adrenalina is a Florida-based company that calls itself "the extreme store," and it sells a variety of products to the devotees of various sports -- apparel, accessories, surfboards, mountain bikes.

In October 2008 it offered $4.50 a share for PacSun. That was rejected. It offered $5. That, too, was rejected.

I'm not sure about the synergy. PacSun describes itself as a "lifestyle specialty retailer rooted in the youth culture and fashion vibe of southern California." So they might sell surfboards too, but I'm getting "mellow" vibes from the one side and harsher vibes from the "extreme" side, dudes.

Anyway, since the two rebuffs of October, Adrenalina has taken another approach, nominating four directors for the board. I'll take their bios directly from the proy materials.

Rob Gordon has served as Senior Vice President of Marketing at Warner Bros. Records Inc. since April 2005. Prior to joining Warner Bros. Records Inc., Mr. Gordon served as Vice President of Global Marketing at Capitol Records from January 2002 to March 2005. Mr. Gordon received a B.S. in Management/Marketing from California State University.

Craig Lark Craig Lark has served as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Member of Hoven Sunglasses and Ammon Watches since December 2003. He has been extremely successful in building and marketing some of the world’s hottest brands. He has pioneered the rise of the premium sunglass industry, and has been a driving force in keeping it at the forefront of the action sports market for the past twenty years. Mr. Lark received a B.S. in Accounting from California State University.

Scott Oshry Scott Oshry has served as Partner in Zorbit Resources, a branding, design and manufacturing company for the beauty and cosmetic industry, since founding Zorbit Resources in 2002. The company produces many different types of products and branding for some of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. Some clients include the Estee Lauder companies, Limited brands, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Bath and Body Works, BPI, Louis Vuitton / (LVMH), and many others. Mr. Oshry received a B.S. in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design.

Vanessa Rousso Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player and owner of No-Limit Management, Corp., a celebrity and sports figure management agency. Ms. Rousso received a B.S. in Economics from Duke University where she became interested in Game Theory. Ms. Rousso is a self-described “adrenaline-junkie” who regularly goes skydiving and bungee jumping.

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