Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ramius makes its case

I spoke last week about CPI Corp., and its planned stockholders' meeting July 8 (Wednesday).

Today I wish only to add that this is the case that Ramius is making. It objects to the fact that Turner White chairs the compensation committee, and that James Abel chairs the Nominating and Governance Committee.

Turner White, in particular, Ramius claims, has:

* No retail experience
* Limited financial experience
* Is a Knightspoint recommended director (a bad thing itself in their view)
* and as head of the Comp Committee has proposed and supported exorbitant compensation packages.

In general, the "outsized and undue influence" of Knightspoint supposedly throws into question "all aspects of the company's corporate governance."

CPI is arguing that Ramius has tried to force a desperation sale of the company. Ramius replies that this is "highly misleading," a phrase that usually means "not entirely wrong."

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