Sunday, November 1, 2009

RIP, John O'Quinn

Famed Houston, TX based trial attorney John O'Quinn died Thursday morning, after losing control of his SUV on a rain-slicked highway. Said vehicle then crashed into a tree.

O'Quinn is perhaps best known to the general public as one of the lawyers involved in successful litigation against tobacco companies. He has also been called the "unchallenged king of breast implant," litigation.

But the reason I knew him, and the reason his death is worth mentioning here, is that in his final years he become involved in the anti-nakedness crusade, i.e. the effort to characterize "naked short selling" as a destroyer of companies and a rampant form of stock market manipulation. I spoke to O'Quinn a handful of times on the subject -- and though I think the cause misguided, O'Quinn himself was always a gentleman and with his passing I will remember him as such.

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