Monday, January 25, 2010

JPM's Acquisition of Bear Stearns

Bill Bamber was Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns in its final days. He is also the first person singular "I" in the memoir "Bear Trap: The Fall of Bear Stearns and the Panic of 2008," though Bamber received assistance in writing the book from Andrew Spencer, Director of the Literary Division for the Creative Management Group Agency.

Anyway, regarding the matter discussed in yesterday's entry in this blog, the contract snafu that allowed Bear Stearns to renegotiate the terms of the acquisition, quintupling its cost to JPM ... Bamber's book has this to say.

"The lawyer's name wasn't released, so only a few select individuals know his name. I myself am not part of that great and solemn fraternity who were privy to his name, but whoever he is, I would one day like to find him, buy him a beer and shaking his hand for making me smile when I thought I would never smile again. All because of a single solitary sentence....Those of us who were still sitting around on the trading floor at Bear Stearns, in stark contrast to the vein-popping fit of rage that was consuming Jamie, were in collective fits of laughter bordering on hysterics."

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