Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brog out of Gyrodyne contest?

Today's the day of the Gyrodyne annual meeting. Phil Goldstein and his "Bulldog" hedge fund are seeking to put Mr. Goldstein and an ally on the Gyrodyne board.

They have at least two leading complaints about management, which they hope they'll be able to address when on the board. First, that Gyrodyne (a manager of commercial real-estate) has a claim against the state of New York in regard to an eminent domain issue but hasn't avidly pursued the matter. Second, that Gyrodyne's board has entrenched itself at the expense of shareholder value with a "poison pill" by-law, and the new board members, if Bulldog is successful, will work for its revocation.

If you've been following my earlier posts carefully, though, you may be surprised that I've just spoken of Mr. Goldstein and "an ally" rather than "two allies." Originally, he was part of a three man slate Bulldog nominated for the board, along with Timothy Brog and and Andrew Dakos. But on Monday, Gyrodyne filed amended proxy materials with the SEC that indicate that its settled its difficulties with Timothy Brog, formerly the third man on the Goldstein slate.

"Mr. Brog has also withdrawn his consent to serve as a director if elected and the Company has dismissed its claim against Mr. Brog in the matter titled Gyrodyne Company of America, Inc. v. Full Value Partners L.P., et. al, No. 07-CV-4859. The Company and Mr. Brog have also agreed to mutual releases for claims arising out of the 2006 and 2007 Annual Meetings," the company says.

Who is Tim Brog anyway? When I first encountered that name in the Bulldog/Gyrodyne context, it had a familiar ring to it, but I didn't have the chance to run that down.

Brog has proxy-slate experience. In August 2006 he was elected to the board of directors of bubble-gum marketer Topps as part of a negotiated agreement that resolved a proxy contest there. As a youth, back when I had dentition, I chewed many a stick of bazooka joe bubble gum, so it's unsurprising that his name had stuck (like cognitive gum) to my mind.

That said, I contacted Mr. Brog this morning. He tells me that the Gyrodyne filing is accurate. Also, he said that this doesn't represent any split in views between himself and Bulldog. One of the proxy-advisory services apparently has recommended that shareholders in Gyrodyne note for two out of the three members of the dissident slate. To avoid any scattering of the votes in response to that suggestion, Messrs Goldstein and Brog agreed that Mr. Brog would withdraw his name from consideration.

So things go in the fast-moving world of proxy contests. Ain't this great (though somewhat nerdy) fun?

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