Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Datascope Results: Tie Game

Datascope held its annual meeting on December 20. This was the big showdown. Or (as Jon Stewart likes to say) not so much.

The activist investor/hedge fund manager Ramius wanted to put two new faces on the seven member board. The company stood by the two corresponding incumbents up for re-election, James J. Loughlin or William L. Asmundson.

It now appears that one of the two dissident nominees, David Dantzker, has won a seat, but that the other, William Fox, has not. It isn't clear yet whether Dr. Dantzker's victory will be at Mr. Loughlin's expense, or Mr. Asmundson's. That will presumably be straightened out when the meeting reconvenes January 3.

The December 20 meeting seems to have been devoid of bile. Although this lessens the amusement value of the enterprise since the snappiest quote I can give you from a Ramius representative at the meeting is: "We do believe operations and corporate governance can be much improved," the amity is probably good for the stock price. Datascope was worth $2.30 a share at close of business last Tuesday, a little more than a day before the meeting convened, but is trading above $2.40 as I write.

Smiles and sugarplums all round, then.

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