Monday, October 13, 2008

What a cool name for a hedge fund!

Noront Resources Ltd., a Toronto-based minerals-exploration company, has a shareholders meeting scheduled for October 28.

Its incumbent board faces a challenge led by a hedge fund named Rousseau Asset Management Ltd., which owns or controls approximately 9.2% of Noront's common shares.

I know very little about the underlying dispute. But I was intrigued by the name. Rousseau Asset Management? Do they often use the acronym "RAM".

I'm reminded of the song "High Hopes." Maybe they should wage a proxy fight against some company that has just finished construction of a million kilowatt dam.

Aside from the acronym: Is "Rousseau" the family name of the founder? Or was he paying a tribute to the famous painter?.

Or perhaps, less likely I suppose, it was a tribute to the philosopher of the state of nature and the debilitating consequences of civil society.

More prosaically, there's an Henri Paul Rousseau who was the chairman and chief executive of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Quebec, from 2002 until earlier this year. Does RAM have any connection to him or his kinfolk?

If anyone in the wide readership of Proxy Partisans knows anyone connected with RAM, let them know I'm curious. About the name, as about the specific strategy and performance record. [I don't see any "Rousseau" in the TASS database.] Curiosity may have killed a cat or two but I doubt its done any harm to a RAM of late.

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Rosedale said...

Rosseau was named after Lake Rosseau in the Muskokas Ontario, where the fund manager Warren Irwin has his boat.