Sunday, June 21, 2009

NRG Energy

NRG Energy is holding its annual shareholders meeting a month from now -- July 21.

Four directors' seats are at issue. What is more, the continued independent existence of the company is at issue: Exelon has a buy-out offer on the table.

A Houston based energy research firm, Tudor Pickering Holt, has supported the NRG management's desire to retain its independence, or at least to hold out for a higher price. Tudor agrees with them that the offer undervalues the target.

Chris Morrison, of BNET Energy, reminds us all that "the world is full of procrastinators," and that the reason Exelon's offer has not yet found more takers than it has may simply because that there is a good deal of time left in which they may do so. "There are good reasons to wait until an offer is about to expire before taking it up."

NRG has been quite busy in recent weeks, since this offer has been on the table, entering into partnerships, making deals, and generally showing the investors what they can do.

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