Sunday, June 28, 2009

Troubles at TCI

The Children's Investment Fund Management LLP, a high-profile hedge fund which we have encountered before in this blog, is apparently discussing with investors the possibility of offeringt hem more attractive terms, and even returning to them some cash, given their unhappiness over its recent poor performance.

We've encountered TCI fairly often in the brief history of this blog. Its proxy fight to get candidates on the board of CSX led to some intellectually fascinating litigation.

And its adventures in Japan led to a head-on clash with that country's government.

But investors don't care about ntellectual challenge or the sense of multi-national adventure. They're in it, believe it or not, for the money. And since TCI has not been generating a lot of they, they have to mollify.

Since it is Sunday, and I have to go work on my yard, I'll just send you over to Bloomberg for more.

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