Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CNS Response

The CNS/Brandt saga continues. CNS Response is a California based company that develops software designed to analyze a patient's brainwaves.

You may remember that back in July there was some excitement when the company's former CEO, Leonard Brandt, purported to call a spaecial shareholders meeting in a hallway outside of a closed office door in Dover, Delaware.

Now there's a new installment of the soap opera. Brandt -- who, BTW, is a current director of the company as well as its former CEO -- called another meeting for the Friday before Labor Day weekend and the company says that this one didn't count either.

Gee, this sounds like an operation that has its act together. I'd surely want to invest my money with them!

Meanwhile, while you and I make our portfolio decisions, the family feud is in litigation before Delaware Chancery Court as explained in this 8K.

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