Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daryl O. Anderson

A recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal tells us of the latest troubles of Daryl O. Anderson, a veteran of the great CMKM penny-stock swindle.

Anderson was a stock broker at the now-defunct NevWest Securities, which used to sell CMKM stock in the heyday of Casavant and his cronies. Back in the good ol' days, over the four year period 2003-07, CMKM sold $200 million in stock to the public on that public's expectation that such capital would help exploit the diamond wealth of Saskatchewan, Canada. By the spring of 2007, CMKM was a penny stock company with, in essence, no assets and $558 in the cash drawer.

CMKM still exists, but the new management there is encouraging the Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and an IRS task force to "finally issue indictments and commence criminal proceedings" against the the old management.

Anyway, none of this has discouraged Daryl Anderson, who got right back on the horse, as they say in Nevada. The Fort Worth, Texas office of the SEC has recently filed a lawsuit against Anderson for stock scalping involving a company named Cloudtech Sensors. [Stock scalping involves the recommendation of the purchase of a stock while the person giving the recommendation is himself selling it into the market.]

Apparently, this enterprising fellow got forty investors to pony up $3 million total for Cloudtech, which caused a 358% rise in its price, allowing him to cash out his Cloudtech for a profit of $930,852.

My point? Just the age-old one: caveat emptor.


investor0001 said...

regarding the comment of 'let the buyer beware', well obviously this person does not realize that the group that invested with Daryl Anderson were long time clients and friends and had no reason to believe that he would do such a horrendous thing. He stole my life savings.
If anyone in this investor group has information, I would like to hear from them. Write to me at mlady0000@yahoo.com

investor0001 said...

Regarding the post that says let the buyer beware, well apparently he/she does not know the facts of this, we were friends of this person Daryl Anderson, long time clients with no reason to believe he would do such a horrendous thing like stealing my life savings. Please if anyone in the group knows of anything or can include me in any action as I am an investor/friend who lost all of my life savings. write to me at mlady0000@yahoo.com

bonnie said...

ad troble dealing with that.
He had invited me to his laguna Beach home and San diego appartment.
He even called me Mom/ What a guy

bonnie said...

Daryl took all of my saving for retirement. and then some.Called me Momt intouch . Can't trust any body. Hope they indiate him and he goes to jail