Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Geoff Sorbello to Okapi

Sorbello, who has been with ISS/RiskMetrics, is the new hire at Okapi Partners.

In a statement yesterday, Sorbello said, "During my seven-plus years at ISS, I had the privilege of working with many of the world's best advisors on shareholder rights issues, proxy contests and [mergers & acquisitions]. I look forward to adding to Okapi Partner's existing expertise and stellar reputation."

Okapi is a proxy solicitation firm launched a little more than two years ago -- in February 2008 -- by Bruce H. Goldfarb and Patrick J. McHugh.

At that time, Goldfarb said: "Companies and their investors are increasingly recognizing the need for more proactive strategies and tactics to influence the outcome of shareholder votes. In this environment, Okapi Partners is well-positioned to provide senior-level attention and conflict- free advice to our clients."

I hate the word "proactive," but it seems to be unstoppable at this point anyway.

An urgent question: why do they call themselves Okapi? It's the name of a girafe-like animal. But with a shorter neck. What does that have to do with proxy solicitation. Damned if I know.

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