Monday, August 2, 2010

DWS Enhanced

On July 29 the board of directors of DWS Enhanced announced that at the annual meeting of shareholders July 22 three things happened:

a) the board's proposal to merge the fund into DWS Enhanced Commodity Strategy Fund received approval
b) none of the nominess for director "received a sufficient number of votes to be elected" despite the presence of a quorum.
c) a proposal presented by Western Investment LLC to end the IM agreement between DWS Enhanced and Deutsche Investment Management Americas failed.

See here for some background.

So, if nobody was elected to the board: who is running the show? According to the post-vote press release, "[T]he incumbent Class I Directors, Dawn-Marie Driscoll, John W. Ballantine and Henry P. Becton, Jr., and the incumbent Class III Directors, Rebecca W. Rimel, Paul K. Freeman, William McClayton, William N. Searcy, Jr. and Robert H. Wadsworth, will continue as Directors until such time as their respective successors are duly elected and qualify."

Not sure what that means.

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