Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Road

I'm traveling today. This entry is something I cooked up last weekend so it would appear on this date. I don't usually do that sort of thing, but such is life.

Tomorrow, July 22, will be the meeting of the shareholders of the DWS Enhanced Commodity Fund, a fund controlled by Deutsche Bank AG.

In recognition thereof, I'll simply provide you with a quote from a recent filing from Western Investment LLC on the subject of that meeting and how it came to be scheduled for that date.

"By now you probably received the latest "fight" letter, dated July
6, 2010, from the fund's chairman, telling you he adjourned the
June 28, 2010 annual meeting of shareholders to July 22, 2010, and
blaming Western. Don't be fooled by this dishonest letter.
This long-overdue GCS annual shareholders meeting (the last one
was held in 2008) was convened as scheduled on June 28, 2010. A
quorum was present, and all business on the agenda could have been
conducted, including voting on the resolutions to terminate
Deutsche Asset Manager as the fund's investment adviser and to
approve the merger of GCS into an open-end Deutsche fund. Vote
tabulations available to both sides in the proxy contest, as
reported by Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. showed that a
majority of the fund's shares outstanding had voted "FOR" approval
of the merger and that approximately 2/3 of the shares present at
the meeting had voted "FOR" termination of Deutsche.
But the board adjourned the meeting to July 22, 2010 without
allowing any of those votes to be counted officially."

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