Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barnes & Noble trial

I'll just linkfarm today.

The trial in the Barnes & Noble poison pill case is underway.

Corporate managers aren't usually eager to pick fights with their second-largest shareholder. But of course nothing is business-as-usual that involves Ron Burkle, the adversary-shareholder in question.

Burkle, the "grocery billionaire" who shows up in stories about the Clinton family, had enough juice to get Jared Paul Stern fired from the Post back in 2006. But, it seems, not quite enough juice to have Stern to get him prosecuted.

That Jared is not to be confused with this guy.

Anyway, the present excitement concerns Barnes & Noble, in a trial before Chancery Court Judge Leo Strine.

Burkle claims that certain directors are engaged in a “self-dealing scheme designed to entrench the Riggio family.”

Go at it, Rock'em, Sock'em robots!

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