Monday, July 12, 2010

SEC Notice to Amedisys

Amedisys (Nasdaq:AMED), a provider of home health care nursing services, said on June 30 that it has "received notice of a formal investigation from the Securities and Exchange Commission ... pertaining to the company, and received a subpoena for documents relating to the matters under review by the Senate Finance Committee."

Amedisys, which is run out of Baton Rouge, La., also said that it will cooperate with the investigation.

Back in April, the Wall Street Journal ran a story that strongly suggested abuse of the Medicare reimbursement system by Amedisys, the largest company in the sector.

Sam Antar makes the case that the WSJ report wasn't as hard-hitting as it could have been.

Going back a bit, I should note that in September 2009, the president and chief operating officer of Amedisys, Larry Graham, resigned those posts suddenly. So did Alice Ann Schwartz its Chief Information Officer.

The company didn't give any reason for these departures. Not even their desire to spend more time with their families. Just a bald, " pursue other interests." That sort of thing is always ominous.

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation to which the company referred in its statement involved four companies in the field. In addition to Amedisys, the Senate was curious about Almost Family Inc., Gentiva Health Services Inc., and the LHC Group, and their "internal policies and guidelines regarding the number of visits provided to each patient...."

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