Monday, July 5, 2010

Insider Trading Case: AKO Capital

A London, England court has sentenced a former trader at a hedge fund there, AKO Capital LLP, who has pleaded guilty on insider trading charges. The trade, Anjam Ahmad, must pay about 287,000 pounds ($421,000) in fines and restitution.

There are as many as twenty two different companies involved in the trades that are the subject of the prosecution.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin suspended his sentence, so and Ahmad, who is 39 years old, will serve no jail time.

Judge Rivlin at the sentencing June 22 said: "You cooperated immediately with the authorities and were very frank about the part you played in all this.”

The Financial Servcies Authority (FSA) has gotten a good deal more aggressive in such matters recently. Regular readers of this blog will probably understand that I believe that is unfortunate not only for Ahmad but for the economy and general public of the British isles.

Regulators and prosecutors are interested in trophies they can put on their walls. They aren't interest in what is best for the people paying their salaries. It isn't in their job description to be interested in what is best.

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